Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Over at the Medicine Show blog of the sublime Megan Abbott and Sara Gran, I have a guest essay/review of the 25th anniversary DVD release of the lost neo-noir cult classic, Trouble In Mind, set in a pre-Starbucks Seattle and starring Kris Kristofferson, Divine and Keith Carradine, among others. (I also participated in the Abbott/Gran Q&A, which can be found here.)

At My Book, the Movie, I take a turn at casting a film adaptation of ONE TRUE SENTENCE.

Wrapping up today's ONE TRUE SENTENCE news, tonight we played a new round of ONE TRUE SENTENCE the game.

Some quick background: Every night, I start a True Sentence on Twitter (@HectorLassiter, hash tag #1TS), and all brave takers finish that sentence.

Each Sunday, I pick the best sentence of the week and award the winner with a signed book (this week we're playing for ROGUE MALES).

In the world of Hector Lassiter, the game was one the author created and played, chiefly with Ernest Hemingway, but sometimes with others, and, sometimes, for unthinkable stakes.

Here's a sampling of results from our latest round (my apologies to those that got by me because no hash tag was used).

Madame Zira peered at his palm and said…

@APMonkey "Didn't your mother tell you you'd get hairy palms if you didn't stop that?"

@bkfaerie “You should wash your hand more often.”

@ BlackIrishBlarn “Swedish Fish?”

@scarletncream “The truest parts of yourself are hidden so deeply that you will die of untapped potential.”

@scarletncream "Death would be too kind a punishment for your sins so the cosmos will allow you to live.”

@jenforbus “How's the bucket list going?”

@jenforbus "Here, Palmolive, soak in it.”

@romyk "You need a tree surgeon, not a fortune teller."

@vpkeenan “Too late."

@LolosLetters "This lifeline would look much better attached to a body...”

@brianlindenmuth "So this is the guy who called me a damn dirty ape?"

@matthewjmcbride said nothing, her expression blank as fresh paper; the hand was detached, he was already dead.

@wampusreynolds “Behind you, left shoulder, is a thug with a baseball bat so your other hand better have something in it.”

@xesands “Oh honey, that's gonna cost you an extra twenty..."

@BlackIrishBlarn "You pulled the nail out all by yourself did you?"

@nj713 "So it's true what they say about hair on your palms."

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