Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As of last Friday, EL GAVILAN, my first standalone novel, is now available a good bit ahead of its official Dec. 18 release date.

At KIRKUS REVIEWS, you can read a new interview with J. Kingston Pierce regarding the book. Some material that didn't appear in the Kirkus version or our discussion can be seen exclusively at The Rap Sheet.

If I were a mogul with deep pockets, I'd adapt the novel for the screen myself. You can see my own preferred cast for such an undertaking at MY BOOK, THE MOVIE.

EL GAVILAN is also subjected to the Page 69 test HERE.

Also, a very fine, thoughtful review of EL GAVILAN can also now be found at The Drowning Machine. An excerpt:

If you're interested in learning more about EL GAVILAN, as well as a chance to win signed books and a rare prize—a legal pad filled with original, first-draft, handwritten material of the novel—you can sign up for my newsletter HERE asap.

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