Tuesday, January 24, 2012


More than 4,000 Kindle users downloaded a free copy of my novel TOROS & TORSOS yesterday. (You can still do so until sometime early Wednesday a.m. here.)

(HEAD GAMES, the first Hector Lassiter novel, remains available for just $2.99.)

At this writing, TOROS is hovering somewhere around the fifties in Kindle's Top 100 list (in the forties for just fiction). It's been #1 in historical mystery for most of a day, and it's about #3 in literary fiction (just behind Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities and something by some writer named Hawthorne).

To those who downloaded a free copy of T&T, or will today, my thanks for your interest. I would ask that thumbs up or down, you please consider posting a review of T&T to Amazon once you've read the book.

For those still considering taking a look, I'll direct you to one of the most amazing reviews I have ever received. The following assessment was written by Corey Wilde at the Drowning Machine. Someday, I aspire to actually write a novel as fine as the one he describes. You can read that review here.

Also, a couple of book trailers to give you the flavor of TOROS & TORSOS.

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