Sunday, August 18, 2013


I more or less first planted my flag in the crime novel world as an interviewer, having conducted discussions with a wide range of authors that eventually resulted in two interview collections focused on the craft of writing and gathered under the titles ART IN THE BLOOD and ROGUE MALES.

In recent years, I've mostly found myself on the other side of the interview process.

In addition to all of the interviews I've been engaging in on radio and in newspapers in Mexico in recent weeks, a couple of other interviews Stateside are now available in eBook or paperback format.

A few years back, I participated in a Q&A with Jean Henry Mead for her site that has since been collected along with interviews by Lawrence Block, Sue Grafton and J.A. Jance, among many others, in Mead's THE MYSTERY WRITERS: INTERVIEWS AND ADVICE.

My discussion with Ms. Mead focuses largely on Hemingway and my third novel, PRINT THE LEGEND, about Papa's death and entanglements with the FBI during his latter years...about Hemingway's legacy to present-day writers and so forth.

In addition to the interview, I also contributed an original essay on the craft of writing that is only available in Ms. Mead's book.

You can find it on for Kindle here or in trade paperback here or visit Ms. Mead's site for newer interviews here.

Casting farther back in time, when HEAD GAMES, my debut was fairly new, fellow novelist Tony Black interviewed me from his base in Scotland.

That interview, along with others by Ian Rankin, Ken Bruen, Andrew Vachss and a number of other crime novelists is now available in Black's HARD TRUTHS: CROSS-EXAMINING CRIME WRITERS.

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