Monday, October 20, 2014


At the urging of our mutual publisher, Hadley Colt and I recently engaged in some charla profunda.

Chiefly, we talked shop about the challenges and dark enticements of writing about writing and putting authors down on the page.

Hadly's new book is about a mysterious cult writer who may not be quite as south of the sod as the literati wish to think.

My new novel is about Hector Lassiter and fellow author Brinke Devlin poking around some Key West skullduggery while pounding out their own fictional works.

You can find our two-handed interview here.

Also, do please check out Hadley's PERMANENT FATAL ERROR and consider making a visit to her blog.

You should also please consider following Hadley Colt  on Twitter here and Facebook right here.

This is the trailer to Hadley's new novel. I frankly envy the sucker:

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