Sunday, November 9, 2014


ROLL THE CREDITS is the latest in my series of historical thrillers featuring author Hector Lassiter.

RTC, like most of the novels before it in the Lassiter series, turns on secret history and little-known or long-buried facts underlying what we sometimes erroneously accept to be 20th Century historical fact.

In CREDITS, Hector engages in a decades' long battle of wills and wits with a German filmmaker modeled on an all-too-real Nazi movie-maker who trucked with Hitler and Company.

Another aspect of the Hector Lassiter/Werner Höttl duel turns on the revelation that German filmmaker Höttl enjoys protection from shadowy U.S. intelligence agencies for reasons unfathomable to Hector and ally Jimmy Hanrahan.

Again, this matter of my novel's Nazi filmmaker and U.S. intelligence protection is not a matter of invention or some fictional flight of fancy.

As a new nonfiction book“The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men,” by Eric Lichtblau details, countless Nazis were courted, recruited and even rewarded with U.S. citizenship by the FBI and CIA because they were somehow viewed as useful tools in the war against Communism.

You can check out Mr. Lichtblau's work for a nonfiction treatment of this highly dubious strategy on the part of former FBI and CIA leadership.

For a fictional spin on these issues, please consider checking out ROLL THE CREDITS.

ONE TRUE SENTENCE: Paperback/eBook


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ROLL THE CREDITS: Paperback/eBook

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