Saturday, September 12, 2015


Over at The Venetian Vase, author Steve Powell, expert in all things James Ellroy), has written a very nice essay about myself and Stuart Neville being "Ellrovian writers."

(Mr. Powell earlier identified Megan Abbott and David Peace as also being "Ellrovian," or, in other words, writers inspired or marked in some way by James Ellroy's writings.)

In terms of my Ellrovian roots as an author, Mr. Powell knowingly and closely focuses on my Hector Lassiter novel, TOROS & TORSOS (2008; reissued 2014 by Betimes Books, and the follow up to my Edgar Award-nominated debut, HEAD GAMES).

An excerpt regarding TOROS:

"...Whether you are reading about the devastation of a hurricane or of wartime Spain, both settings feel intrinsically romantic. Here the novel became reminiscent of Ellroy’s LA, where the seduction of a locale lies in its darkness. As a writer, McDonald is very interested in the act of creating art. For Lassiter and Hemingway, words can come alive with entrancing, but also sinister possibility. The ‘exquisite corpse’ and ‘one true sentence’ games are consistently referred to until it becomes apparent that abstract concepts are being brought to life with terrifying results. Ellroy, by contrast, is more interested in the bureaucratic nature of words."

The essay can be read in its entirety here.

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