Thursday, April 20, 2017


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A terrific review from book collector and crime fiction critic Marvin Minkler:

"No happy ending ever started in a bar.

"After the tumultuous events that took place on the world’s stage during World War II, and after, in the last Hector Lassiter novel I read, and my ninth, Roll The Credits, expectations were a bit lower as I began The Running KindMistake on my part.
"Hector was in a Youngstown, Ohio hotel bar during the December 1950 blizzard, reuniting with his dear, old Irish cop friend, Jimmy Hanrahan. While sharing drinks and war stories, they are suddenly interrupted by a young hysterical girl, who pulls at Hector’s sleeve, pleading: 'Please, mister, my mommy needs help.'
"Never hesitant, off Hector and Jimmy go, guns and fists at the ready...."
Read the rest, HERE.

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