Sunday, April 9, 2017


I'm criminally late linking here to this much-appreciated, quite knowing review of THREE CHORDS & THE TRUTH by James Ellroy (and crime fiction scholar) Steven Powell.

An excerpt:

"It’s not just the threat of a nuclear catastrophe that looms large over the novel, there is also a complete meta-fictional reworking of the Lassiter character and authorial persona which will make you question the nature of every page of the entire series. Take this description of crime writing in the novel:
The craft of fiction writing had earned the fifty-something Lassiter a good and steady living; nice threads, pretty women and a chance to roam widely: to see a bigger world than he would ever have glimpsed working some nine-to-five, wage-slave day job in his native Southern Texas.

"It is the 'bigger world' that every reader and writer in their heart aspires to, and the one that McDonald has given us through the Lassiter series, which is given a radical new perspective in the final pages of Three Chords."

The full review is available here, along with an in-depth interview we did together before the novel's release here.

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