Tuesday, December 6, 2011


After four entries in the Hector Lassiter series, why the EL GAVILAN standalone, and what's its connection to that aforementioned series?

I provide some answers in a special guest blog over at Spinetingler. You can read it here.

Suspense Magazine has a longish review of EL GAVILAN. In part it goes: “This is a truly in-depth tale regarding murder, mayhem, and a very ‘real’ look into the tension and stress that’s currently affecting the nation regarding the subject of immigration. This author does a stunning job of presenting the delicate balance that is in effect in our world right now. From the subject of immigration, to gangs taking over and threatening communities, to the delicate and long-term subject of racism, this author delves deeply into subjects that are slowly turning citizens of the United States against one another.”

Barnes & Noble Bookclub has also weighed in: "With his latest, El Gavilan, Craig McDonald takes the border into New Austin, Ohio where a recent flood of immigration has rocked the status quo and three very different lawmen set about policing the population three very different ways. On a good day they’re uneasy allies, but municipal chiefs Tell Lyon and Walt Pierce and county sheriff Able Hawk will subvert, out-maneuver and finally come into mortal combat with each other over the investigation of a brutal crime. When the body of a Mexican-American woman is discovered raped, murdered and dumped at the nexus of municipal lines, the race is on to claim jurisdiction over the potential landmine of a case. McDonald manipulates the plot—forward action balanced with flashback histories of the major players—to maximize the impact of every event… A major step forward for his already formidable breadth and range.” Reviewer Jedidiah Ayres has more to say about El Gavilan here. (Kudos to Mr. Ayres for correctly identifying much of the music this novel was written to.)

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