Sunday, December 4, 2011


Last night we debuted the latest round of the Hemingway-inspired, ONE TRUE SENTENCE competition on Twitter to celebrate the release of EL GAVILAN.

I start a sentence and participants finish it, well and truly, adding the hashtag #1TS for a chance to win a signed first edition of one of my seven books. (Please read on below last night's results for an explanation about how to get in on the action.)

So, here are some highlights of what our first players came up with to finish the sentence:

"With one jug of water and 30 miles of desert to reach the border, Miguel eyed Juan...

"...and realized he knew exactly what another man's life was worth."— Vince Keenan

"...and little Sophia, cursing his wife for dying, for dropping her own jug and leaving him with this impossible choice."—Alison Dasho

" the tall drink of water Selma had said he was."—Jennifer Jordan

"...passed his younger brother the jug and said, 'for Mama,' before he passed out under the relentless sun."—John Kenyon

"...bleeding out in the sand; now, it was just a long walk."—Marty McCabe

"...and wondered how deep blood lines ran on his mother's side of the family."—Tyrus Books

"...water wasn't a problem and now with Juan ready to drop, soon meat wouldn't be either."—Craig Zablo

We'll play again tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern. Here's a recap of how to join in:

Follow me @HECTORLASSITER. At a pre-announced time each night, I’ll start a fresh round of One True Sentence by posting the start of a sentence.

Any takers can finish that sentence, rationing just enough of their 140 characters in order to add the hash tag #1TS.

Every Friday night, I’ll review the One True Sentences on the #1TS page, and pick the week’s winner. The one who writes the truest One True Sentence will be awarded a first edition of one of my books with their own One True Sentence inscribed inside. Our One True Sentence.

Remember, you have to use the hashtag #1TS to play (and so I can see your entry).

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