Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Wednesday night, we kicked off the second round of a new game to celebrate the release of ONE TRUE SENTENCE, the fourth Hector Lassiter novel. (We'll be playing from about 8-9 p.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 17).

Every night, I start a true sentence on Twitter (@HectorLassiter, hash tag #1TS), and all takers finish that sentence.

Each Sunday, I pick the best sentence of the week and award the winner with a rare copy of the TOROS & TORSOS limited edition.

In the world of Hector Lassiter, the game was one the author created and played, chiefly with Ernest Hemingway, but sometimes with others, and, sometimes, for unthinkable stakes.

Round two found some answers taking a decided turn for the blue, and, mysteriously, the second appearance in as many nights of some gardening implements.

Here are the results of Round Two:

Only two things can truly kill a person… and hate. (@jenforbus)

...and believe me, I'm working on number three. (@BlackIrishBlarn)

...and it was my luck to meet up with both of them on the same day. (@hilarydavidson)

...and those fuckers that left me here sure as shit ain't it. (@brianlindenmuth) I used the third thing and make him live with what I did to him. (@popculturenerd)

...existential boredom, and my giant nail-studded cock. (@DocNoir)

...and luckily, I am proficient at both. (@LolosLetters)

...and both, surprisingly, involve an old 45 by the Greg Kihn band. (@DocNoir)

...a twenty hour erection and a jealous bastard with some gardening shears. (@DocNoir)

...I survived the first but was about to meet the second. (@erinfaye)

...absence or too much-- the classic old man/young punk dichotomy I fruitlessly tried to avoid on my final day. (@wampusreynolds)

...24 hours without a drink and a soulless woman. (@keithr34)

...a knife planted in your heart or a hot smoking round of lead to the face. (@matthewjmcbride)

...a law degree and good intentions. (@wolfeislander)

…a good friend and a great love. (@nj713)

Check in @HectorLassiter for your chance to play...


  1. Dang it! I forgot last night and I confused my Central time with Eastern and missed night two. Good ones, though.

  2. I think @wolfeislander won that hands down, or @DocNoir's 24 erection

  3. Sorry I missed last night's edition -- too many kids in the house is my excuse -- so even though I don't qualify, here's my take:

    Only two things can truly kill a person…a good friend and a great love.

  4. That's excellent, Naomi, and you're still in. We'll be playing a little later (8 p.m. Ohio time, Thursday night). Trying to figure out whether we'll play this weekend; I've got a lot of ground to cover Saturday and Sunday.