Thursday, February 17, 2011


The third round of the new game to celebrate the release of ONE TRUE SENTENCE, the fourth Hector Lassiter novel, produced a few recurring motifs and a growing number of participants. (We'll be playing about 7 p.m. EST on Friday, Feb. 18.)

Some quick background: Every night, I start a true sentence on Twitter (@HectorLassiter, hash tag #1TS), and all brave takers finish that sentence.

Each Sunday, I pick the best sentence of the week and award the winner with a rare copy of the TOROS & TORSOS limited edition.

In the world of Hector Lassiter, the game was one the author created and played, chiefly with Ernest Hemingway, but sometimes with others, and, sometimes, for unthinkable stakes.

Here's a sampling of results from Round Three (my apologies to those that got by me because no hash tag was used). Also, after tonight, we'll be limiting players to a single entry. As more than one has pointed out to me since we started this game, it is, after all, ONE true sentence...

Ned Troy reckoned it was true love right up to the moment...

...her husband came home. (@JudyJB)

...she waved the poison bottle in front of his fading vision. (@jenforbus)

...he turned his back on the girl and felt the rifle push hard into his spine. (@matthewjmcbride)

...he saw the gun. (@cavalieresq)

...his lady pulled the trigger. (@pokerben)

...he awoke, bound and gagged, and saw Dora kissing his brother. (@hilarydavidson)

...she surprised him by saying, "Yes!" (@xesands)

...Lisa blithely categorized their relationship as a mere summer fling." (@scarletncream)

...Stan pulled out his Republican Party membership card. (@oddmonstr)

...she cut off his cock. (@JudyJB)

...she said I love you. (@scottchasebooks)

...she said "I’m from Fox News." (@wolfeislander)

...he lost consciousness, his mind spiraling into darkness. (@jennsbookshelf)

...a slug punched a hole in his throat and his esophagus detonated like a bomb. (@matthewjmcbride)

...she started speaking Klingon. (@wolfeislander)

...he was left on the side of the road, smell of exhaust the only memory of her. (@picky_girl)

...he saw the woman with the tattoo across her back, a pattern of small orange leaves, and he ordered another drink. (@usedguys)

...he awoke to find his body held tight to a chair and his cock inside a toaster. (@matthewimcbride)

...she said she was really his sister. (@popculturenerd)

...the paralytic took effect and he saw the pillow approaching. (@LolosLetters)

...he had the operation. (@usedguys)

...the stripper hit him with the champagne bottle and grabbed his wallet. (@hilarydavidson)

...she said "Hi." (@TheTrustNovel)

...she read the poem about her brother's penis. (@usedguys)

...she sized him up with her pinky and ran laughing out of the room. (@LitHousewife)

...Jeff pulled a copy of US Weekly out of his bag. "Read to me," Jeff cooed. (@oddmonstr)

...until he saw the bulge under her skirt." (@keithr34)

...the girl of his dreams said, "Hi, Daddy." (@vickidelany)

...she cooed, "I've made curried tofu for dinner." (@vickidelany)

...he hit his wife in the face with his Academy Award. (@usedguys)

...his lust-frenzied bride gripped his hips and bayed for Ned's best friend, César. (@BlackIrishBlarn)

...they were told their baby daughter was dead. (@usedguys)

..he ate her heart for breakfast. (@popculturenerd)

...he found the engagement ring hanging from his rearview mirror. (@maddeejames)


(Canadian edition): "Ned Troy reckoned it was true love right up to the moment she told the Newfie joke." (@wolfeislander)

Check in @HectorLassiter for your chance to play...

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  1. Darn! I missed another one. (Latest excuse: went to see RISE.)

    Ned Troy reckoned it was true love right up to the moment...he got the letter from the health department.