Friday, February 18, 2011


The fourth round of the new game to celebrate the release of ONE TRUE SENTENCE, the fourth Hector Lassiter novel, produced some of the cleverest comments, yet.

Some quick background: Every night, I start a True Sentence on Twitter (@HectorLassiter, hash tag #1TS), and all brave takers finish that sentence.

Each Sunday, I pick the best sentence of the week and award the winner with a rare copy of the TOROS & TORSOS limited edition.

In the world of Hector Lassiter, the game was one the author created and played, chiefly with Ernest Hemingway, but sometimes with others, and, sometimes, for unthinkable stakes.

Here's a sampling of results from Round four (my apologies to those that got by me because no hash tag was used).

On Sunday, Jon saw his own face on a milk carton; on Monday...

...he got plastic surgery. @LolosLetters

...he was joined there by the only person he loved. @erinfaye

...he was dead. @JudyJB

...he couldn't see anything at all. @xesands was on the evening news: "Man wanted: considered armed and dangerous. @jennsbookshelf

...he tossed the hair clippings & Loreal box in the trash as he drove away. @jenforbus

...he saw it on the billboard outside of town. @thedeMentedmom

...he saw a more recent photo of himself at the post office. @nj713

...he snatched his daughter from the playground and ran. @JHammons

...he finally started to accept that his brother was dead. @brianlindenmuth

...he killed the man who had put him there. @erinfaye

...he found out the wrong people were looking for him. @wampusreynolds

...he ran away from the cult that had always been home. @scarletncream

...the milk expired, as did ill-fated Jon. @shelfmagazine

...he left the house burning behind him. @romyk

...he demanded that his parent's tell him the truth. @thedeMentedmom

...he drank from the carton, tossed it, and untied the girl from the bedpost. @picky_girl

...he drove all night, kicked his dad's door down, and climbed the stairs.@picky_girl

...he switched to 2% milk because his face looked thinner on the carton. @jpjacquet

...he woke early and stood staring in the mirror, just to be sure. @spitballarmy

...he became lactose intolerant. @dboshea

...he switched to a different brand that didn't use such shiny cartons. @WRNaturalist

...his mutilated body was found stuffed in a dumpster behind the Taco Shack. @usedguys

...he saw it wasn't his face at all, but the face of the man who was already dead. @matthewjmcbride

...he woke up from his coma. @popculturenerd

...he became lactose intolerant. @dboshea

...he discovered that the dairy didn’t offer wallet-sized. @wolfeislander

...he phoned the dairy and told his ex-wife to knock it off. @wolfeislander

...he saw Jesus' face there. @graham_powell

...he woke to find himself chained to his bed post. @bushdog51

...he shot his surgeon so no one could link his new face with his old one. @hilarydavidson

...he was past his “best before” date. @wolfeislander

...he realized that yes, that was right. @AdamDetritus

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