Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today (Sunday, March 24) only, CARNIVAL NOIR, the second novel in the Chris Lyon Thriller Series, is free for Kindle. You can get your copy HERE.

If you've read EL GAVILAN, you've already made the (brief) acquaintance of Chris and Salome Lyon, who had cameo appearances in that novel. Chris, too, cropped up fleetingly near the end of the Hector Lassiter novel, PRINT THE LEGEND.

The Chris Lyon novels are the books I wrote many years before the Lassiter novels I've become known for. In writing my series about Hector Lassiter, I rather liberally dipped into the Lyon novels to borrow occasional characters or the like.

At least once, I even picked up a few lines of prose from a Lyon novel and dropped them into a Hector Lassiter novel. More on that in a second.

Consequently, the two series entwine in a very deep way, and, in Lyon #4, ANGELS OF DARKNESS (coming in early April), Chris Lyon and Hector Lassiter will actually appear on the page together.

To mark that occasion, and today's free giveaway of CARNIVAL NOIR, the book in which Chris and Salome first meet, I'm offering a chance to win a copy of the ultra-rare and collectible limited edition of Hector Lassiter #2, TOROS & TORSOS.

The first person to write me via my website and correctly identify the lines I wrote in CARNIVAL NOIR in the early 1990s and then dropped into the Hector Lassiter novel ONE TRUE SENTENCE, will claim the limited edition of T&T.