Saturday, August 2, 2014


In just a few weeks, Hector Lassiter returns from a three year hiatus with the first five novels set to release between now and the end of September.

Three of these novels are appearing for the first time; two are repackaged and slightly tweaked versions of previously published Lassiters. Each of these titles will be available in trade paperback and eBook formats, with new introductions and reader group discussion questions.

On Aug. 21, Betimes Books will present the definitive editions of ONE TRUE SENTENCE, FOREVER'S JUST PRETEND and TOROS & TORSOS. A few weeks after that, two more brand new Lassiters will appear: the World War II-era novels THE GREAT PRETENDER and ROLL THE CREDITS, (the latter is Hector's first-person account of his World War II experiences as a correspondent and secret OSS member).

As previously announced, Betimes Books will be presenting the novels in something like chronological order for the first time. Although some of the novels jump from year to year or decade to decade in the telling, the novels will now be published in the order in which the main action starting the novel is set.

Here, for the first time, is the full list of Hector Lassiter novels coming your way this year and their (new) proper publication sequence:

ONE TRUE SENTENCE: Opens in Paris, in February 1924.

FOREVER'S JUST PRETEND: Opens in Paris, December, 1924 before moving on to Key West, in February 1925.

TOROS & TORSOS: Opens in Key West, September 1935.

THE GREAT PRETENDER: Opens in New York City, October 1938.

ROLL THE CREDITS: Opens in occupied France, 1940.

After a brief holiday break, the remaining novels and a short story collection will soon follow.

Stay tuned for more ordering information and first cover glimpses of THE GREAT PRETENDER and ROLL THE CREDITS, coming soon.

Check in here for more about Betimes Books—a groovy new house doing some interesting things by the likes of my Borderland Noir compadre Sam Hawken and a new literary thriller by the mysterious Hadley Colt. Also please consider liking Betimes on Facebook and following the house on Twitter. You're going to be seeing and hearing more about this publisher in days to come.

Here's a look at Betimes very slick trailer for Colt's PERMANENT FATAL ERROR. Like I said...a very intriguing new publishing house.