Sunday, November 13, 2011


My first standalone novel, EL GAVILAN, will be released by Tyrus Books in December (official release date Dec. 18, but copies will probably get out a bit in advance of that date).

The Nerd of Noir recently weighed in on the novel at Spinetingler:

“Folks are gonna talk about this one, dear reader... It’s a social novel that doesn’t beat you over the head with its themes and a thriller that doesn’t cheat or go too ‘big.’ It’s tender one moment and savage the next. The storytelling is organic and clean yet you can never guess where the novel will take you next. El Gavilan is big, bold socially relevant stuff delivered painlessly through tight prose and unflagging tension. In other words, it’s everything you’d hope to get from a modern day master stretching his impressive-as-all-hell wings.” You can read the full review HERE.

Over at The Comics Journal, Frank Santoro surveys the comic and creators' scene around South Beloit IL. Among those mentioned is artist Kevin Singles, who, as noted in the article, is at work on the graphic novel of HEAD GAMES for First Second. You can read more about that HERE. You can get a sneak preview of some of Kevin's work on the graphic novel (including glimpses of Hector's iconic ’57 Bel Air and swanky hacienda) HERE.

An update to my official site related to EL GAVILAN will be coming sometime next week. Including word of contests and various prizes. Also, start sharpening your pencil: later this month, we'll be once again playing ONE TRUE SENTENCE on Twitter. I start a true sentence and all types from all over the Twitterverse try to finish it, short and sharp, for a chance at a signed book or the like.

In the meantime, a new video of a reading of the opening passages of EL GAVLAN to acquaint you with the new standalone: