Sunday, July 24, 2022


Proud to announce that a new series begins with the July 2022 release of "THE BLOOD OGRE: The Hellish Menace Beneath 'The House Doc Savage Built'"

The new novel is available in hardcover and trade paperback, and features a stunning cover painting of new series character "Zana O'Savin" by the terrific Douglas Klauba, with design by the great J.T. Lindroos. It is published by Night Town Books.

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The pitch follows (and check below for a special video)....


USA, the Great Depression: Lester Dent and Walter Gibson are the most-prolific, widely published storytellers on earth, authors of Doc Savage and The Shadow magazines—ground-breaking pulp heroes inspiring Superman and Batman, and launching the comic book age.

Writing two Shadow novels each month, Gibson uses a battery of typewriters, resting bloodied fingertips between books as he pounds out close to two million words a year. Attempting a similar impossible schedule, Dent suffers an apparent nervous breakdown—beginning to see and actually interact with his Doc Savage characters, come-to-life. 

1965: The Doc Savage and Shadow pulp novels are enjoying new life in paperback, selling millions of copies. Simultaneously, people report seeing a strange, black-clad figure with coal-fire eyes around an old Greenwich Village Brownstone—the very one in which Gibson penned the last of his Shadow novels in 1949. A dabbler in the occult, Gibson insists to interviewers the specter is that of The Shadow, and is a tulpa, or “living mind-projection,” spawned by his unrivaled literary output. 

But another, far more sinister “mind creature” is actively threatening the world, a tulpa hatched by an adolescent Lester Dent and left to lash out from earth’s fiery center.

Edgar Award©-finalist Craig McDonald offers a haunting mix of history and meta-fiction centered on the very act of literary creation, but served up as 21st Century, pulp-lit adventure in which pulp fiction characters literally come to life.

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