Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Conversations with Daniel Woodrell

A slightly recast version of the Daniel Woodrell interview featured in ROGUE MALES is now available online at the Mulholland Books blog. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. The interview was conducted in 2006 when WINTER'S BONE was just arriving in bookstores.

For more a more up-to-date interview, and a very excellent one at that, check out Jed Ayres' conversation with The Master here. A revelation from that interview? This collection to look forward to come The Season of the Witch.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


With the release of HEAD GAMES to eBook format for Kindle and Nook, the entire Hector Lassiter series can now be read in digital format.

I retained digital rights on my first four books and late last year released TOROS & TOROS to Kindle and Nook. The first two books can now be read for less than $6. Books three and four, PRINT THE LEGEND and ONE TRUE SENTENCE, are also available, although their eBook prices were set by their publisher, Macmillan.

The eBook version of HEAD GAMES goes a bit beyond the original bound version, including a reader's guide with suggested discussion topics, as well as the short story, THE LAST INTERVIEW, that introduced Hector Lassiter more than five years ago. The package is rounded out by opening chapters from all four books.

This week also saw some more foreign press in terms of an online review by Paris Match of the French edition of PRINT THE LEGEND. The print edition of that magazine also contains an article about the Lassiter series and photos from my recent travels through France.

A great article and interview with me also appears in Les Echoes, and two online articles from France are also out there, one a very fine review, and the other still another interview.

On a last, French-related note, the mass market paperback edition of TOROS & TORSOS will be released soon there. Here's a look at the new cover (a wink to a certain Salvador Dali painting that features importantly in the plot).

Closing out, a teaser for another book I'll be discussing in greater detail soon. For now, a cover image, and a book trailer for this September's offering: