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Anyone who has read my pre-Zana O'Savin novels can probably deduce the fact I'm a Chevrolet man, to the bone.

My favorite car growing up was my old man's last true power car—a dark blue, 1966 Chevy Impala. That beast looked a good bit like this:

In my time, I've tried to own as many Chevrolets as I could, including (it was early fatherhood—forgive me!) a bronze Chevrolet Venture (yeah, yeah, an SUV...), and my current vehicle, a black Chevy Impala of somewhat later vintage but with some horsepower under the hood.

But the characters populating my novels are REALLY Chevy folks, most particularly my signature character, Hector Lassiter.

Across more than a dozen entries, Mr. Lassiter remains a committed Chevy partisan, pretty much from the brand's inception, to Hector's lightly implied, post 9-11 grave.

But, particularly, Hector was partial to his 1957 Bel Air, which is essentially its own character in my Edgar-, Anthony, Gumshoe, and other awards-finalist debut novel, HEAD GAMES.

Hector Lassiter sidekick Bud Fiske (Bud debuted in HEAD GAMES, but appears in several Lassiter novels, as well as centering the first Zana O'Savin novel, THE BLOOD OGRE), is, across several novels, himself partial to Chevy Impalas. (The same is true of my other series character, Chris Lyon).

This brings us to Zana O'Savin and her big-fisted companion's car of choice, a 1967 Chevy Impala, in factory issued Granada Gold featured in THE MOTHMAN MENACE.

These days, the 1967 Impala (four-door, in black, with tan interior) is a pop culture icon because of the long-running TV series Supernatural, in which monster- and demon-hunting brothers Dean and Sam Winchester tour haunted America in a '67 Impala affectionately dubbed "Baby."

Like that TV series icon, Zana and Iain's sixty-seven Chevy is heavily modified with smoke screens, hidden weapons caches and other key modifications befitting a Justice Amalgamated "company car."

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